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Limited edition prints of mixed-media drawings of sports, film, television and music stars and celebrities, past and present.


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Our artist has been producing artwork with a wide array of materials for many years without any idea about how much pleasure it could bring to a wider audience until a chance discussion brought his wonderful talent out into the open for the first time.


We are sure you will agree that such a talent should not be hidden.


Our new website brings to you those ICONIC images of today and years gone by. Legends no longer with us, such as Sinatra, Monroe, Hepburn and a broad multitude of others. Then there are those that have reached legendary status but are still very much with us, like Madonna, Messi and McIlroy. Finally, there are those that could go on to be ICONIC or fade away to be replaced by the new stars of the moment.


They are all here and they all have the ESSENCE OF ICON.   


Whether you buy or simply browse through our galleries (please click on any of the four pictures below), we hope that you enjoy our current collection of limited edition prints.

Our artist works meticulously on each and every piece to produce something that is truly eye-catching. Then, to emphasise how ICONIC every piece of artwork that we sell is, each piece of artwork is given a limited run with each numbered and signed by the artist himself to further emphasise their exclusivity.

Judging by our order list from customers all over the world, the artwork that our artist has produced is clearly proving popular!


Maybe our unassuming artist will also soon be ICONIC himself . . .   

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Essence of Icon and Andrew John Richard Douglas.

All rights reserved. 

None of our artwork that our artist has produced, produces or will produce for sale, now or in the future, may be copied/reproduced and/or sold without the express written permission of

Essence of Icon and Andrew John Richard Douglas.


Anyone that is found to have copied/reproduced and/or sold any of our artwork without the express written permission of Essence of Icon and Andrew John Richard Douglas will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with a view to claiming suitable financial recompense.

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