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Essence of Icon Special Edition

We have taken the decision to take ICONIC to another level with our amazing limited edition prints of sports, film, music and television stars that we have available for YOU . . . 

We have decided to offer versions of each print that we currently have available for sale that are printed on higher quality gsm paper and personally signed and dated by the artist. These specific prints are ONLY available for order via for the following prices (plus £7.50p for special delivery postage) in recognition of both their value and importance that would make amazing gifts for your loved ones or even yourself - 

Artist's Proof:             A4 £100.00p               A3 £160.00p

Number 1:               A4 £50.00p                 A3 £80.00p

Numbers 2 to 10:     A4 £25.00p                 A3 £40.00p

Number 100:           A4 £10.00p                 A3 £16.00p

Number 200:           A4 £10.00p                 A3 £16.00p

Number 300:           A4 £10.00p                 A3 £16.00p

Number 400:           A4 £10.00p                 A3 £16.00p

Number 100:           A4 £10.00p                 A3 £16.00p

We have also decided to offer the ORIGINAL ARTWORK for sale for each set of limited edition prints that we have available on a PRICE ON APPLICATION basis by emailing us via

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